About Kuro Workstations

You can rely on Kuro Workstations to create the perfect computing solutions for your Photoshop, Premier Pro and Lightroom needs. Whether you need a Lightroom workstation to process literally tens of thousands of raw files every week, or you need a Photoshop workstation to do high-resolution print retouching, (or both tasks on the same computer)... Kuro Gaming does the work of bench testing both compatibility and speed of every different component it chooses to put into a configuration.

Photo & Video Editing: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro

3D Modeling, V-Ray, Lumion, AutoDesk CAD, 3DS Maya

Unreal Engine, Unity 3D

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning PC

Supercharged KURO Workstations:

KURO GAMING offers some of the Best Workstation PCs for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects.

KURO Workstations are powered by NVIDIA RTX Quadro Series Professional Graphics Cards.

Multi Monitor Support: A Multi Monitor Setup needs to be able to process a large amount of information very quickly. Sometimes you will need to have multiple windows open at once all streaming a large amount of real-time data, all while you are executing lightning fast trades where every second (or less) counts. All of this can be handled easily with the KURO Workstations.

Enterprise Class Components: A high-performance business demands business-class PCs. When you have performance, security features, manageability and stability, you can turn your PC fleet into a competitive advantage. The KURO Workstations are built for professionals & businesses. It’s the no-compromise PC, designed to deliver the latest technologies in one integrated, validated solution.

AI & Machine Learning Optimised GPU Cores: Creating the systems of the future via Artificial Intelligence is one of the most complex works being done today, requiring computers with high levels of computational ability. We have a selection of high-end machines capable of handling these tasks. The Kuro Workstation is the best fit for product designers, engineers and architects.

Day Trading Workstation PCs: Kuro Workstation PCs have hardware designed specifically for traders. This means every computer is capable of multi-monitor setup, high processor speeds, and high-end graphics processing. A specific Kuro Workstation Computer can be custom built to run a particular trading platform.

Rendering Performance: Numero Uno: CPUs are often optimized to run multiple smaller tasks at the same time, whereas GPUs generally run more complex calculations better. Breeze through SolidWorks Visualize, V-Ray NEXT GPU, Siemens Lightworks, Lumiscaphe, Catia Live Rendering or any renderer that uses GPU-based Rendering. They’re both very important from a 3D rendering perspective. The Latest Gen Intel & AMD Processors Powering the Kuro Workstation are better at getting more accurate results from lighting and more complex texture algorithms.

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