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Custom PC Builder

The Kuro Custom PC Builder attempts to make the custom PC building process as accessible and approachable as possible.

Platform Options


Design your own Intel-based gaming PC utilising the latest generation of processors & components to design your dream Gaming PC or your ideal Workstation.


Create your own AMD Ryzen-based Custom Gaming PC using our Gaming PC configurator. Or create your custom workstation utilising AMD’s latest Ryzen or Threadripper processors and components for the best performance that technology has to offer.


Get the ultimate performance for gaming and content creation using the latest gen RTX architecture from NVIDIA with all new RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors for the most realistic ray-traced graphics and cutting-edge AI features.

Unparalleled Buying Experience

You also get a Comprehensive Warranty & a Life-Time Technical Support from Kuro, one of the attractive options when it comes to pre-built PCs, as you don’t have to go tracking down a dozen different manufacturers or Brands to replace broken or malfunctioning parts.

If you’ve been shopping for a pre-built gaming PC in India, you may have come across Kuro Pre-Built Desktops in the world of PC hardware. Kuro Gaming is one of India’s best Custom PC builders & System Integrator aimed at bringing PC Gaming & Workstations to the masses.

The Kuro Custom Build rigs boot up with zero issues, and not to a setup screen, but straight to a uncluttered desktop without any bloatware.

There are no proprietary parts, so if you want to swap in a beefier GPU or more memory down the line, it’s totally within the realm of possibility unlike other pre-builts from OEM Brands that restrict upgradability

Undecided on whether to choose Intel or AMD or Nvidia? Check out our CPU Buyer’s Guide to help point you in the right direction. You can also checkout our wide range of Pre-built Computers Here

Need more help finding something?

Give our friendly team a call or message, or drop us an email. We can build you something bespoke, or provide parts which aren’t available through our website.

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