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We are clan kuro.
We dream. We game. We play fair.
We build teams. We build awesome pcs!
Most importantly we're on a real life quest to build india's unparalled gaming community !!

We Are Team Kuro

We Are Team Kuro

We dream to bring Gaming and Compute Power to everyone who dreams of owning their own mean lean machine. Our Prebuilts and Custom Built Computers are designed to work flawlessly under Stress and ensure Optimum Performance. Be it for Professional E-Sports or Casual Gaming, Streaming on YouTube or Twitch, Video Editing, Content Creation, 3D Animation & Modelling.

Technological Innovations

Empowerng India's Technological Startups and Platforms is our bread and butter. Be it Workstations or State-of-the-Art Complex Servers running Simulations and Algorithms to solve the mysterious of the Universe. We want to be a part of that pursuit however samll or big it maybe. We've got your back!


What Differentiates Kuro Gaming from the Rest

We're Gamers, just like. Gaming fueled adreline runs through our very core!
Passion for Gaming, Search for Extreme Performance and Pushing Computer Hardware to its ultimate limits makes us wake up every morning.


We at Kuro Gaming strive to Deliver not just top quality products, customs built PCs, Build Recommendaions. But very member of our support team belives in providing User-Oriented and Tailor made Solutions to each and every of our Customers, Gamers and Working Professionals


All of our Services be it - Kuro Engine, Custom PC Builder, Prebuilt PC suggestions are aimed at providing you the best product in every conceivable way. Learn more >

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So that Kuro Gaming can strive to Deliver not just the top-of-the-line Gadgets or devices but even Niche products like a custom made 60% Keyboard, Streaming Gear from Top brands or everyday basic device or necessity like a Starter PC or a Home & Office PC, Quality Accesories like even a Mouse Pad. Learn more >

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